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Social & Lifestyle

Disqusting Place

Random shit talking, an (almost) anything goes place to just chill out and have a chat.


Katie's Korner

A place for crazy rejects. We deal in light banter to hard knocks. Not for the faint hearted


My Neutral Channel

Discuss all about LIFESTYLE in a positive, friendly, happy and fun way. My Neutral Channel was created with the intention of being positive, friendly, happy and fun channel.  Everyone from all over the world, from any beliefs or disbelief, any race, any gender, straight or not straight, any viewpoints, are welcomed and treated equally on this channel.


Our Corner

In our little corner, We focus on light hearted and fun activity. Its a general blog where we share gifs, quizzes, videos, comedy, sports and a random thread to talk about non-political & non-religion stuff. Come join us here


Shelly & Friends

A place for friendly discussion about almost anything! No political or religious discussions though. We try to keep it civil and upbeat here!


Snowflake's forum

A forum for news and politics, as well as no-po threads, general banter, interesting stories, history, etc.
rules are listed on this forum and will be strictly enforced, so this may not be for everyone.


The Chit Chat Bar

The new home for former Disqus channel The Chit Chat Bar.
PG chit chat without the arguing about politics and religion. We use Disqus for comments, so no new accounts and users can create their own threads/Posts.



Screenage Wasteland

ScreenAge Wasteland has one goal: to bring back the cinema conversations of old. That’s why we’re dedicated to growing and harvesting a community that discusses every genre of film and TV: new, old, or obscure.



the former original Disqus Sci-Fi & Fantasy channel, we cover everything including science news of interest to creators, including TV, Movies, books, games and more



TrekOutcast is a fan website created by Ex-Disqus (The Final Frontier) Channel owners and users, dedicated to Star Trek, Star Wars and Sci-Fi. We started this website as a new place to hang and discuss everything about Star Trek, Star Wars, SciFi and other Related topics.


What's on Tonight & pop culture

WOT&PC is dedicated to (almost) all things pop culture related, formed by members of the A.V. Club when that site transitioned to a different commenting platform in 2017.

Gaming Sites


Video game discussions live here. We welcome all kinds of gamers to share their burning ideas with the community!


Way Too Many Games

Way Too Many Games is an up and coming gaming site run by gamers for gamers.


Xbox Channel One

Your home for all discussions Xbox Related. News, reviews, discussions and more.



The Bat Cave

A place for random reviews, short stories and brooding on rooftops


news and educational


History, Culture, Science, Technology, Mysteries and Phenomena...  and anything else!

A private, informal group that emphasizes friendly, relaxed conversation on meandering topics that frequently go off-topic.

This group is the official successor to the former Knowledge Channel on Disqus.



A community of science enthusiasts, with an interest in current science topics. Here we highlight current science topics to discuss in a shared learning environment that is open for anyone to join.


The Kennel Club

All About Dogs: Stories, Salutes, Advice, Celebration


Chat and Music

A general hangout for users with chat and music threads daily, and occasional games thread too.



WSHD, the Shangdu Can Do 24 Hour Radio Station - Post any kind of music here from the 30s, 40s, 50s & 60s, Doo Wop,Country, Ballads, Classical, anything you want right up the present, but please screen your videos before hand, try to keep it reasonably clean. Feel free to introduce your songs, give some background, chat with other commenters. Have fun. Music speaks to every generation…Let your generation speak!



MLB Chatters

A site for talking all things Major League Baseball

NCAA Chatters

A site for talking all things NCAA

NFL Chatters

A site for talking all things NFL