I’m going to off myself.

Olivia sat at the table nursing her latest cosmo. She was backstage at the Crystal Orchid’s last show. The acclaimed psychedelic indie band had just finished their final set before a planned hiatus, and the front man David White had recently stepped off stage, handing his pristine and iconic 3 pickup white Les Paul guitar to the tech. They were playing at The Drunken Monkey, a dive bar where the band had played hundreds of shows before they blew up in popularity. Before the massive record deals, before the fame a riches, there was this medium sized dive bar in downtown LA where everything started.

David, the band’s guitarist and singer locked eyes for a moment with Olivia and smiled to her. She grinned sheepishly back, looking down at her glass. David went to the greenroom for a while and came back out looking refreshed and with a perfectly tailored 3-piece suit on instead of the leather jacket he usually wore on stage. David returned to the backstage area where Olivia was and he sat down next to her at the table.

“Amazing show David.” She complemented him. She spoke in a very elegant English Midlands accent. Olivia was a stunningly beautiful woman, the kind that commanded the attention of everybody in a room when she entered it. Long blonde tresses fell effortlessly around her shoulders. She was tall and fit with long, slender but defined legs. Soft blue eyes that you’d need to have a rope secured around your waist to ensure you could find your way back out of if you were to look into them, were surrounded by high cheekbones and a strong but feminine jawline. Freckles around her eyes dotted otherwise flawless porcelain skin, if you could even call the adorable markings flaws. The cherry on top of her beauty was the perfect smile that had a tendency to slowly creep out from behind her top lip that could melt even the coldest of hearts.

“10 years of music in one show.” She continued

“Yeah, it’s kind of surreal that it’s all over. For now, at least.” David said a bit ruefully. David was no slouch in the looks department himself. At 6 foot 5 he was a statuesque man with a toned core and well-trained arm and shoulder muscles, but not too muscular that it was overkill. He had a rugged jawline and piercing blue-green eyes contrasting with his olive skin. He was born in Wales but moved to LA at a young age so his accent was fleeting in the best possible way. His thick black hair was perfectly groomed and he was always wearing outrageously expensive watches and cufflinks. He spared no expense when it came to his appearance and had an aura of confidence that more than bordered on arrogance about him, but he was so charismatic and had a natural silver-tongued charm that could leave a woman’s panties soaked just from a short conversation. It’s no secret why he was a worldwide heartthrob.

David looked over at Olivia and she smiled at him.

“You know, I’m really going to miss sitting backstage at these concerts. It made me feel so high class and fancy.” She joked

“Don’t get too big for your britches now, this place turns into a strip club with a buffet in about half an hour.” David replied with a laugh. He wasn’t wrong, the bar that was once packed wall to wall like sardines in a far too small can was thinning out and stage dancers were starting to set up the stripper poles.

She looked up at him and held one of her long curls of hair, twirling it about her fingers a bit absentmindedly. She subconsciously bit her lower lip.  

“You know biting your lip like that is a sign of sexual frustration.” David remarked

“Or I just having an overbite. I am British.” Olivia responded with her signature dry style of humor.

“So, you won’t mind if I help you with that then?” he said, reaching slowly for the section of her chin. Just as his hand found its way to her jawline, she pulled away from him.

“Get out of here!” Olivia exclaimed, playfully slapping his hand away. David beamed a grin back at her and then stood up, straightening his suit.

“I have some mingling to do,” he started, grabbing his glass of whiskey and turning away “Catch up with you later?” he said and Olivia nodded, immediately pulling out her cell phone to distract herself from the fact that she was levels of turned on by his simple touch that she didn’t know were achievable by mankind.

About half an hour later, David returned to the table. Olivia looked up from her phone and greeted her friend again.

“Did you see that Post Malone was here? He posted a picture from backstage on his Instagram.” Olivia stated

“Yeah, I talked to him for a while just now. Also, who follows dudes on Instagram?” David answered.

He finished the last bit of his whiskey in one long sip and then sat the glass down on the table.

“Do you want to get out of here?” he asked

“W-What do you mean?” Olivia asked. She had no reason to sound flustered. Everyone knows what that phrase means in the context of being at a bar, but in 6 years of knowing each other, he’d never once made any kind of real sexual advances. Of course, he’d flirt and tease her, but David was just like that with every girl he’d ever talked to and she was no exception.  Surely, he just meant he wanted to go somewhere else.

“This is… It’s all too much for me. I need to get out of here.” David replied somberly. Olivia bobbed her head and the two snuck out the back door of the bar.

“Are you ok to drive? Will you take me home? Otherwise, I’ll just call a cab.” David questioned

“I’m fine, I’ll drive your car.” Olivia responded cheerfully. David tossed her the slim key to his Aston Martin Vanquish. She opened the doors and stepped into the beautiful silver machine. David got in the passenger’s seat and fastened his seatbelt. Olivia moved the seat forward and then placed her hands on the steering wheel.

“I need the other part of the key to start it.” She declared

“Oh, it’s in the glove box.” David said, his speech ever so slightly impaired by the alcohol.

Olivia reached across David into the glove box and the first thing she felt was a rather large floral print bra, at least a D cup. She pulled it out and turned to David with a look of disbelief.

“Fucking seriously David?” she asked with a mixture of disappointment and confusion in her voice. “How long has that been in there?”

“Not that long… Like, Tuesday.”

“It’s Saturday.” She couldn’t be too mad at him. This is just how David was and she’d known that for a long time. What attractive, single guy in his late 20’s who was an infamous rock star living in LA wouldn’t be sleeping with tons of random women?

“Was this one of your model friends or an Instagram ‘model’?” she asked, putting air quotes the size of Mack trucks around the last model.

“She was an actual model as if it’s any concern of yours.” David replied a bit crossly.

She threw the bra to the floor beneath David’s feet and dug the second part of the key out of the box and slammed it shut. As she was closing the glove box, her wrist scraped David’s inner thigh.

“Oh, sorry.” Olivia said a bit rattled.

“Don’t be, I’ve paid good money for girls to do that in Thailand.” David quipped

“Oh, shut up!” Olivia cried, punching him in the shoulder. The two laughed and smiled. Olivia started up the car and the engine let out a mighty roar as it kicked into action. Olivia gently pressed down on the gas pedal and the car lurched forward quickly. She did it again and then nervously stepped on the brakes immediately.

“What are you doing?” David asked with a chuckle

“Sorry, I’ve never driven a car like this before.” Olivia replied

“You’re not used to V12 engines?” David observed

“I drive a decade old Honda Civic.”

“Just give it a few blocks, you’ll be hooked.”

Olivia started driving the supercar faster, growing more confident with the way it handled. David assuredly put his hand on top of her knee, slowly rubbing his thumb over the silken skin of her thigh. Olivia’s pulse quickened, and she tried her best to convince herself it was because of the exhilarating feeling of driving such a powerful car.  Olivia made her way to David’s gated house in Beverly Hills and up the driveway to his massive mansion. David invited her inside.

“Do you mind if I take it for a lap around the driveway one last time, I quite like driving your car.” She lied.

“No problem, I told you it was addicting.” David replied.

As soon as David entered the house, Olivia checked her makeup in the rear-view mirror, then took a bottle of perfume out of her purse and sprayed it onto both wrists, rubbing it against her neck and then a third spritz onto her chest for good measure. She got out of the car and walked to the front door, letting herself inside. David was in the entryway leaning against the wall suavely.

 They walked through the entryway to what could be tentatively called the living room under massive vaulted ceilings. At any rate, it’s where the tv and furniture was. David took a crystal bottle of expensive Scotch and poured himself a small bit into a heavy glass. He offered some to Olivia but she declined. They both sat down on opposite ends of the long beige couches that probably cost more than Olivia’s yearly income.

“Why did we leave the bar if you were just gonna keep drinking? I figured you’d want to stay and party with the boys since it’s such a huge occasion.” Olivia mentioned.

“I just need to get away from it all honestly. I’m… I’m not feeling like partying and celebrating at the moment.” David admitted

“Why’s that? I’ve never known you to turn down a good party.”

“Just not feeling up to it.”

“Seriously, just tell me. Why are you feeling down?” she said, returning to the question at hand.

“How much are you gonna charge me per hour doc?” David replied sardonically

“Shut up and just answer the question.”

David took a sip of his drink and sighed. “Spike, Derrick, Ray. They all got families and side gigs to work on. You know Derrick told me he was going to start working on producing indie films.” David answered

“Well good for him. But why does that make you sad?”

“What have I got going for me after the band goes on hiatus? What am I going to do about me and all my friends drifting apart? What am I going to do with myself?”

“David, you’ll find something. Maybe start a new band, do a second solo album.” Olivia reassured him.

“My first solo record wasn’t exactly well received. I believe Rolling Stone said it ‘Was to music what September 1939 was to the 30’s in Poland.’”

“Well, I liked it.” She said simply and they looked at each other with huge smiles.

The pair simultaneously moved nearer to each other on the couch. They sat in a charmed silence for a few moments before Olivia broke it.

“I heard you uh… Got a new room added to the house?” Olivia said, awkwardly trying to continue the conversation.

“Oh yeah, I got an observatory. I had all the other rooms from the Clue mansion, so I figured I needed one of those, would you like to take a tour?” David asked and Olivia nodded in response.

As the two were walking down a long hallway, Olivia slipped on the place rug in the center of the tile floor and David had to grab her by the wrist quickly to stop her from falling. She awkwardly laughed and thanked him for helping her back upright. She was now tucked in close to his body. She looked up at him, those gentle blue eyes catching his. She let a heart-warming smile slip out from just under her top lip and David couldn’t hold back any more. He leaned down and brought her head up so their lips could meet in an impassioned kiss. Their mouths were locked in a frenzied dance of erotic passion until they finally broke.

“God, it feels good to finally do that.” David panted “It’s like a weight is lifted off my shoulders not having to resist it anymore.”

“You’ve been resisting me this whole time? David, why? Fucking hell.” Olivia reacted astonished.

“Because I was afraid of it effecting our friendship. Olivia, you’re the only person I know who is real with me and treats me like a normal human and not a celebrity. Everyone else is so artificial around. You’re not like that at all, you are always there to call me out when my ego gets too big or help me when none of my other ‘friends’ will. I couldn’t risk losing what you mean to me.” David replied with a desperate urgency.

“I’ve been flirting with you and throwing you obvious signs for literally 5 years. I might as well have lit myself on fire trying to get you to notice me romantically, what made you suddenly change your mind?” Olivia inquired.

“The way you looked up at me just now… I just couldn’t pretend anymore.” David had barely gotten through his answer before him and Olivia were exploring each other’s mouths again. Olivia was standing on her tip toes trying to make up the height difference. David grabbed her by the ass and lifted her up onto the console table in the hallway. With her sitting on it, she was now at a much more comfortable height. She wrapped her legs around his chiseled torso and her arms were draped over his shoulders, her nails running through the back of his jet-black hair. He held one hand at the base of her chin, sweeping the hair away from her neck so that he could kiss it unimpeded. His other hand was inside the hem of her dress stroking her upper thigh. She was letting out constant sighs of pleasure as his lips raked over her neck, down onto her shoulders and under the thin straps of her dress as he lifted them gently off her flawless pale skin. He had a raging erection and it had stayed that way from the very first kiss. His tightly tailored dress pants looked as if they had a model of the Eifel tower in them pushing the fabric up.

“Your lips feel so good on my neck.” She moaned, finding it hard to draw proper breaths already. David’s mind was utterly racing with so many sensations and thoughts but he still managed to think of a charming reply.

“Why don’t we go upstairs and I can show you what else they feel good on?” he whispered in her ear, peeling her beautiful tresses back just far enough so that the thin whisps of his beard rubbed against her cheek and exhilarated her senses.

Olivia let out a small giggle and a huge grin. “Even with his brain in an absolute blender of emotions, in the heat of an impassioned moment, he still achieved asking for consent in a sexy way, that clever bastard.” She thought to herself.

The two eventually made their way upstairs into David’s bedroom after several brief stops along the stairs and the hallway. David kissed down her shoulders, smoothly sliding the straps of her dress off and lightly sweeping her hair around to the other side of her neck off her back so he could unzip her black and white garb without any obstruction. Once it had been zipped down as far as it would go, he playfully pushed her to the bed, the cool silk sheets giving her body all the reason more to produce goosebumps. David reached up and pulled her dress down off her figure in one seamless motion, leaving her in just the black and white lace bra and panties that matched her dress perfectly. The panties were pretty simple white lace underwear, but her bra was a bit more extravagant, with 3 different patterns and materials on it. It went down just below her breasts as well to provide some extra push. He removed his Rolex watch and tossed it haphazardly onto his wooden dresser, then took off his suit and then his two other shirts, flaunting his majestic physique.

“Gorgeous bra and panties baby.” David said breathily as he fumbled with the hooks on the front of her bra. “But you know you’re pretty enough to get away with wearing whatever, right?” he complemented her to divert from the fact he was uncharacteristically struggling to get her bra off as he pecked at her collarbone area.

“Oh please, you once called shopping for clothes at places that also sell food ‘barbaric.’ With how much of a fashion police officer you are, god only knows what you would have thought if I was wearing mismatched underwear our first time.” Olivia replied with a ragged laugh.

 David’s hands were actually quaking as he desperately tried to unhook her bra.

“Do you need the instruction manual?” Olivia asked in her usual deadpan, dry wit.

“Shut up. I’m really nervous.” David replied, frustrated.

Olivia let out a string of adorable giggles. “David White nervous around a girl, now I’ve truly seen everything this world has to offer.”

 David was blushing bright red.

“Oh, don’t be embarrassed.” Olivia assured him “I’m flattered you care enough to be nervous. And for what it’s worth, I’m bloody dying of nerves too.”

David eventually achieved the torturous task of unhooking her bra. Finally, he could bury his face into her lovely breasts. They were the perfect size for him, a good handful, perky and natural. The kind of tits that guys would absolutely die for and women would be jealous of. He licked her cute nipples which were already rock hard, taking care to make sure each one got the same amount of deserved attention. He continually grabbed handful after soft handful of her breasts as she moaned in beautiful agony, her thighs squirming trying to control the absolute wildfire that was brewing between them. He stopped to take a huge inhale of air around her chest. The scent of her perfume was intoxicating; the warmth of the vanilla and cinnamon along with notes of zesty bergamot filled his nostrils as he massaged her immaculate breasts. She was wearing way too much of the fragrance, hell she was practically bathed in it but he couldn’t care less. He wanted his sheets to smell like her.

“God, you smell so good.” David creaked, his voice barely registering above a whisper. He moved his mouth down her torso to her toned abdomen. His lips like searing hot knives digging at her midriff, while his hands continued to play with her boobs. Every single kiss and stroke of her body left her writhing in pleasure. He was now inches above her panty line before he slowed the rate of his kisses.

“Jesus Christ… I’m so fucking wet for you right now David.” She groaned in her lyrical accent. Don’t think that her inflection had no effect on him. If there was any way he could have possibly been turned on any more than he already was, it would be from hearing his name said in her elegant voice. He had to take off not only his pants but his underwear too just to alleviate the pressure his throbbing member was feeling from being pressed against the fabric so hard. His penis was only above average size in length, but it was thick and easy on the eyes. Olivia got one glance at it and bit her lip so hard it left a noticeable indent on the bottom of her mouth.

David slowly moved his fingers over her panties and down her long, sexy legs that went on for an absolute eternity. He paused around her knees, and proceeded to remove her high heels. He made a meal of it, kissing every portion of her graceful legs, which made the knot in Olivia’s lower abdomen almost unbearable. Finally, he turned his attention back to her stomach area and removed her underwear, sliding them down off her waist and over her calves. The inside of her panties was utterly soaked. She wasn’t lying just to stroke David’s ego; she really was just as turned on as she claimed. It revealed a finely trimmed and perfectly manicured patch of triangular pubic hair just above a gorgeous pussy.

“Oh my god, of course it’s perfect.” He said simply, emitting a deep throaty moan. The outer lips, the inner labia, the size of the clitoris, the perfect upside-down teardrop shape. Everything about it was flawless. His cock bounced up and down, twitching, aching for it. Begging to be inside of it as soon as he saw her vagina. But he had another job to do first. He stopped for a brief moment and asked

 “Do you want side to side, up and down, circles? Just tell me.” He asked, his breathing erratic. 

“I don’t fucking care.” Olivia whined “Whatever you do just don’t stop… And if I cum on your face, just roll with it.”

David laughed and recommenced licking the insides of her pussy side to side. Olivia grabbed his hair at the roots and pulled it as he made her twist and thrash around in unadulterated desire. Olivia had no idea how she hadn’t cum within about 15 seconds, but she was on the edge now.

“I’m gonna cum.” She moaned quietly. “Oh god…” David stopped right as she was reaching her climax and he pulled himself away from her.

“No, David. Why are you torturing me!” she cried “I’m not good at begging, please just let me cum.” She reached down and tried to use her own fingers to get herself off to orgasm, but David firmly but friskily grabbed her wrists to stop her.

“I’m almost there, baby please.” She said in a desperate murmur.

“Let’s play a guessing game and if you guess right, I’ll let you cum.” David proposed

“Ugh, fine whatever.” Olivia sighed in despairing frustration.

“What is my favorite song that I ever wrote for the Crystal Orchids?” he asked

“Obviously Trippin’ Over You because it’s secretly about me.” She responded

“Wow, I didn’t think you’d get that one but you’re right. Good job putting that Oxford degree to use.” David smiled, letting go of her wrists and pulling her back close to him by her legs. He kissed down from the bottom of her ribcage and then started licking the inside of her bellybutton.

“What are you doing?” she asked in anguish.

“Is that not the right hole? I’ve never had sex before.” David joked with a smug grin on his face.

“I hate you. Truly.” Olivia half laughed, half moaned, as he plunged his tongue into her vagina once more, this time though, he rubbed the calluses of his guitar fretting hand, his left, against her clit.

“You like how those calluses feel?” he asked with a devilish simper in between her thighs

“Yes.” Olivia whimpered

“Are you gonna cum for me?”

“I’m so fucking close.” She added in the exact same tone.

Oliva lifted her hips up to meet his tongue as she her body started shaking with an orgasm. She yelled out in pleasure as she came. David gave a few more licks to her lips before kissing down the inside of her thighs softly, letting her relax a bit.

He stood up and leaned over her, wiping a few beads of sweat off her brow with the sheet. She smiled at him and kissed her a few times.

“Did that calm your nerves a little?” David questioned

“Yes, thank you for making me feel more comfortable David. You’re amazing.” Olivia replied, caressing his hair fervently.

“Are you ok to keep going?” he asked her

“Yes.” She said, her breath still jagged from the pleasure, her breasts heaving up and down. David climbed on top of the bed and lowered his weight lightly on top of her.

“Good because I can’t wait another fucking moment to be inside of you. I want you more than I’ve ever wanted a woman.” He took his pulsating cock into his hands, the tip drenched in pre-cum, and moved it closer to her thighs. He spread her legs apart and inched closer to her pussy.

He gently climbed on top of her and she pulled him closer to her, practically burying his face in her tits.

“You like that view, don’t you?” she said with a flirtatious chuckle.

“No complaints.” He murmured from between her breasts. His cock was literally inches from being inside her and it was absolutely quivering in anticipation. Olivia reached down for his penis and stroked the head as she helped guide it into her. Just the sensation of her touch sent ecstasy through his body and he let out a deep, primal groan of pleasure as he slid into her. She reciprocated the moan right in his ear. He began thrusting into her, slowly at first to gain his footing.

She was the perfect tightness and David used one arm to steady himself and alleviate some of the weight off her body. He penetrated her slowly, but with a steady tempo to it. The way he gripped her was comforting, he didn’t put too much weight on her but she could appreciate the feel of his body on top of hers. His handle on her hip was firm but reassuring. She just wanted to melt into his perfect body and give all of herself away to passion and desire.

“You have good rhythm.” Olivia whispered towards his cheek as she felt him entering and exiting her in perfect time.

“Obviously he has good rhythm, he’s a bloody musician.” Olivia thought to herself, but her head was full of way too many thoughts at the moment.

David felt like he was moments away from cumming at any second. She was so beautiful and he’d waited for this moment for so long. He’d never been with any woman who made him feel this way. Maybe because his feelings for the girl he was with were finally genuine. His head was filled with a crazy number of thoughts, but it distracted him from the fact his loins were on fire.

“David.” Olivia blurted quietly in the air around his ear.

“Yes beautiful?” he answered “Is something bothering you?”

“This feels amazing but… In my fantasies… I was always on top.”

“Your fantasies?” David inquired, furling his brow and slowly removing himself from her.

“God, if you only knew how many times I’ve touched myself thinking about you, you’d probably never talk to me again.” Olivia sighed

“I’d love to watch you touch yourself sometime. I bet it’s so fucking cute and sexy.” David replied quietly, trying to make her feel less self-conscious, kissing her soft neck and stroking her right breast. She slid out from under him and he repositioned himself on the mattress with the pillows now under his head and body. He took her hand and directed her on top of him. She was straddling him with her stunning legs draped around the sides of his waist. He rubbed his hands up and down her silky-smooth thighs as she leaned forward to make out with him for about a minute. She lifted up her hips and guided him back into her as she slid down on his cock.

“Oh my god, you’re so deep.” She exclaimed, letting out a long moan. She ran her hands across his muscular chest and rock-solid abs. She wanted to truly appreciate his statuesque build.

“Go slow baby, please.” David implored

David’s strong hands gripped her waist as she bounced up and down on him with a slow but stable measure. She took his hands and guided them hungrily to her breasts. He grabbed handfuls of perky flesh over and over as he greedily snapped at her neck with his lips, the taste of her sweat covered flesh salty and delicious. The combination of her spicy perfume and her natural scent driving him mad with lust. She placed her hands on top of the bed frame behind David to brace herself as she rode him. The two were intwined in the harmonious, sensual dance for a solid minute before Olivia looked down at him smirking.

“You want to cum so bad right now, don’t you?” She stated with her standard heartwarming snigger. “I can see it in your face.”

“I feel like I’ve been one stroke away for an eternity.” David admitted with ragged breath. “Fuuuck you’re gorgeous.” He added in a guttural groan. “I’ve never felt like this with a woman before. It’s like I’m making love for the first time.”

“Something tells me that you are David.” Olivia replied with a genuine happiness in her incandescent eyes. David met her glance by pulling her down close to him. His strong arms wrapped around her body in a loving embrace. He could feel her heart thumping in frantic time against his chest as he pulled her close to him. He could see the beads of sweat forming perfect, glistening pearls on her neck as he took in every single sensation. Her moans and sighs right in his ear as she nibbled at his neck with erratic pace, interrupted constantly by constant spikes of pleasure causing her to throw her head back.

“Oh David, you’ve no idea how long I’ve dreamed of this. How long I’ve wanted this.” She said honestly.

“The feeling is more than mutual baby. I’ve never struggled this hard to not cum fast.” David admitted “You are the most beautiful woman I’ve ever been with. I’m so fucking close.” He groaned.

“Oh darling, it’s ok. I’m going to cum soon too. Give me one more minute, please. I want to cum together.” She begged, slowing the rate of her gyrations to a crawl. She slowly rose up and crashed back down onto him repeatedly, his hands probing all over her back and shoulders, reaching up to her neck just to give her the gentlest hint of squeezing on her throat.

“Oh David…” She moaned in his ear. “I’m addicted to the way you touch me already.”

His mouth found its way to her tits once again, his lips against her nipples sending flares of pleasure tingling up her spine like the scolding of a hot cigarette tip. She arched her back in response, pushing him closer to her clit.

“mmmmhhh, David. Your cock is so strong and sexy. It fills me perfectly. You can cum inside me by the way, it’s ok.” She whined as she bit his earlobe. Every single time she said his name into his ear like that with her seductive voice, it felt like he was going to lose all control and blow his load. His balls were aching, desperate to cum and feel the release of 5 years of sexual tension but he wanted to hold out for his partner. He wanted to make her every fantasy a reality. Both their bodies were slick with sweat, his hands gliding around her figure unable to focus on one spot at a time because he wanted to touch every single inch of her body. It had only been 30 seconds but it felt like a century had passed. Their bodies had become inseparable, they were melded together in a flurry of sweat and passion.

“I’m gonna cum baby, I can’t take it anymore.” David trembled; all the air taken from his lungs.

“Please hold on for me David. I’m almost there too.” She pleaded  

“My fucking name again, good lord I’m gonna lose it.” David thought to himself. He clenched his gut muscles, doing everything in his power to not shoot his wad. He started rubbing his callused fingers against her swollen clit as she rode him, anything to speed up the process.

“David yes.” She sighed several times, each time raising in pitch and loudness as she pressed her clit against his hand. She was doing this on purpose now, she had to know.

“Ohhhh David, I’m cumming.” She yelled in tormented longing. “Please cum with me darling. Please.” She pleaded much more quietly.

Surprisingly, it wasn’t hearing his name that finally sent him over the edge, it was her saying darling in that gorgeous accent. He let out an animalistic moan of unrelenting pleasure as he shot thick strings of cum out of his cock and into his companion. Her body rocked with the strength of her orgasm. She came a few moments later than him, so it wasn’t perfectly together in sync, but neither one of them really cared. They had both just felt the relief of half a decade of flirting and teasing and want for each other evaporate in a matter of moments. She pulled off of him and laid down in the crook of his shoulder. He held her gently in his arms as she rested her head against his chest. Neither one said a word, the only sounds the pounding of their respective hearts and the staggered drawing of their breaths. They didn’t need to say anything, just the mere enjoyment of each other’s presence was more than enough.