Star Wars The Clone Wars Season 7 Premiere Spoiler Thread

Star Wars The Clone Wars has returned for one last season to finish things off and if this first episode is any indication, it’s going to be some of the best Star Wars content we’ve gotten years. The quality hasn’t withered down at all, despite being on ice for several years. If anything it’s gotten even better, especially animation and sound wise. This new season looks incredibly cinematic and boy are those new laser sounds sexy.

We kick the season off with a story some of us might have seen in it’s unfinished format several years ago, “The Bad Batch”.

It’s like Playstation 1 cutscenes all over again

Now I’ve seen these first 4 episodes in the aforementioned format and this first episode played out exactly how I remembered it, but boy oh boy was it amazing to see in all of it’s fully animated glory. The action set pieces here were some of the best ever done in the series, especially the attack on the relay tower and the cyber center. So many gorgeous long shots. The show runners clearly wanted to show off with what they can do in modern animation.