Welcome to the new site!

Hi everyone,

Welcome to your new home. Doing this as a group message for people from the various channels. Awesome to have everyone here. A lot of you know me but some don’t yet, my Disqus name changes a lot but you can all call me Stray. I’m kinda overseeing everything but Katie will be looking after Katie’s Korner and DK will look after The Bat Cave, while I’ll be running DP and Xbox Channel, but that doesn’t mean any of you can’t get in touch with me. Any feedback on how I can improve the site will definitely be appreciated and taken on board, I’ve never done anything like this so it’s a work in progress. Each section will have their own mod team, but we share a disqus plan so they can technically mod other sites, but for the mods please keep modding to assigned areas. It also means bans are site wide, if there’s someone you want to ban from just your area, just tell them their no longer welcome there and if they continue to post the ban would be site wide. Please speak to your section Admins (Me, Katie or DK) for any questions on rules for different places.

I will be running Amazon Ads here before long after I pass some verification stuff. If you’re going to buy anything through them, I’d appreciate if you did a quick click through our banner to get there, that will help me with the ongoing costs of the site. I’m going to try to keep the Disqus comments ad free though.

I know we all came from different communities, but feel free to mingle in different sub sections as well. And maybe use the comments here to get to know the guys from the other channels. Hope you all enjoy the new place 🙂