Disqus Site link exchange

Hey guys,

So the idea for this is we all make a page on our websites linking each other’s sites, so we can use it as an alternative to the explore function we used to have on channels which with any luck could drive up the natural growth for all of our sites. I’ve made up a brief page here:

Feel free to put in any order but unless there’s like a channel war or deep difference of opinions I suggest everyone links everyone even if it doesn’t fit the topic of your channel, the more places swap links the more growth potential there is. I’d suggest checking back to this thread maybe once a week because I’ll keep looking for more places to add to the network, and if you guys know any site owners please link them to this thread, where they can add details for their site.

People not on the list that want to be, please post link to site, site name and a brief bio for the website that we can all use. I’m going to categorise them for my page so if you have a category pop that in too. I’ll also probably add images to it (Got someone making some for my own site now) so if you have a logo as well pop that in too.

Hope this works out well for all our sites, and keep spreading the word 🙂