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Oh hey dudes and welcome to my thread of me describing pretty much the whole Little Women movie. I got bored and people probably won’t read this but idc I have nothing else to do. Also I didn’t actually watch the whole movie, I just watched clips on YouTube but they were mostly in the right order. Maybe.

I’ll start with the time Jo meets Laurie, my favorite character who is played by the beautiful Timothée Chalamet. uwu. Right away they have a cute little friendship cuz they’re both kinda weird and funny. They talk for a while and then he asks Jo to dance and she’s like nah fam I scorched my dress! She kinda turns around to show him but I bet he was looking at her butt. She blamed her oldest sister Meg for not being able to dance but we all know she can still dance like jeez. They do dance outside tho and it’s absolutely adorable but then stupid Meg hurts her ankle and Laurie takes them back to their house in his rich boi carriage, but this starts the relationship with Laurie and the family so it’s fine I guess. When Laurie is at the March house he meets all of them and Amy’s like whoa he cuuute. She’s right. Jo starts calling him Teddy in this scene too which seems a bit soon for pet names.

A few days later or something like that, Laurie is with Mr Brookiecookie in Laurie’s house and he spots some girl outside the window and says “there’s a girl” and Mr Brookiecookie is like nuh uh bish so Laurie has him look and Mr Brookiecookie says “oh, there is a girl” and Laurie says “that’s a girl”. NO, that’s Patrick. Idiots. And then blah blah blah Amy is hurt but she makes sure to tell Laurie that she never would’ve hurt her foot like Meg because she has small feet, the best in the family. Uh huh whatever bitch you don’t need to brag about having small feet. But Laurie is nice and has Amy go inside the house so they can wrap up her hand and then the rest of the family comes over to Laurie’s house to get Amy but they’re all blown away by how rich Laurie is. Everyone needs a rich boi. And stupid Meg leaves her glove so Mr Brookiecookie has it. Ikr. Scandalous.

Later on, Jo and Meg go with Laurie and Mr Brookiecookie to the theater but Amy is jealous because she wants to go with Laurie so she BURNS JO’S BOOK. Jo put so much work into writing it too. Then when Jo gets home she attacks Amy and Amy feels bad and even the next morning when they’re eating breakfast Jo is big mad. But then Laurie BURSTS through the door and says it’s a wonderful time to go skating or something so Jo and Laurie head out to skate but Amy follows them and starts skating but falls through the ice so Jo and Laurie have to save her and then Jo’s like I forgive u Amy. So sweet.

And then Meg leaves (I think with Mr Brookiecookie) and in this scene Jo gives Laurie a ring which will have something later on. And Beth said something about the horses that I liked because it was a very realistic touch for the story, I give that scene a 9/10. Then when Meg finally does get back, she and Laurie are at the same ball and she changed into an expensive dress from one of the girls at the ball and when she asks Laurie if he likes it he says hell nah. But it’s because he doesn’t think they need expensive dresses to look good but Meg still says he’s “the rudest boy she ever saw” like ok don’t be dramatic. Later he finds her sulking on the couch and says she looks splendid and asks her to dance which like whoa dude.

then the beach scene, which is where Amy meets whatshisname which will play an important part later. And Laurie hints about Meg and Mr Brookiecookie getting married which annoys Jo and in this scene it’s kind of obvious that Laurie is planning on marrying Jo. I think the next part is Laurie proposing to Jo but the clips were fucked up so idk lmao. Anyways when Laurie proposes to Jo she says she doesn’t love him like that and poor Laurie said he wanted to die and I was like nooooo Laurie. And then he’s about to leave and Jo stops him and. Says she doesn’t think she’ll ever marry and Laurie says he thinks she’s wrong, and she will find love and she will get married and then there’s a dramatic silence but then he says “and I’ll watch”. What the FUCK. Jo’s an idiot. And then she lets him WALK AWAY LIKE BITCH DO SOMETHING. But she doesn’t :'(

Anyway, Laurie moves to somewhere in Europe after Jo rejects him and Amy is in Europe with Aunt March now too so after a while of them both being there and not seeing each other, Amy spots him while riding in a carriage one day and the two reunite and this is when you know shits about to go down. He’s like omg you’re so beautiful now, it’s been forever aaaaaaaahhhhhhh and then she invited him to a ball. At the ball, Laurie gets drunk as fuck and makes Amy mad and Amy says his ring is stupid and he says Jo gave it to him. My heart can’t take this y’all. And then Laurie is salty that Amy is with whatshisname so he leaves. The next day doe, Laurie visits Amy in her art studio and they talk about Amy getting married and then random stuff. This is a good time to say that if anyone is actually reading this please just say “Laurie got friendzoned” because this is a test. Ha. Then on a different day, Laurie and Amy are sitting in a garden and being all cute and Laurie tells her not to marry whatshisname. Oh mah gawd. She gets mad and says she’s not gonna be who he settles for over Jo. SHE WON’T DO IT. Then she runs off.

And now is the saddest scene, and Beth is extremely sick. I hate this part dudes. Meg, Jo, and their Mom all take turns sitting with Beth because they all know it’s not good at all. in one scene, Jo is laying next to Beth and begging her to fight it which is the last time Jo ever says anything to Beth :((( Jo sits in the chair in Beth’s room all night and Beth wakes up at one point but Jo is asleep which made me sad that she didn’t see her again. Jo wakes up in like a dream thing and Beth is alive so she’s really happy but then she wakes up again and Beth is gone. At this point I was really crying. aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

So Amy is heading back home since Beth died and even after their fight, Laurie shows up while Amy’s waiting for her carriage and they huh and are both really sad about Beth. Here Amy tells him that she won’t marry whatshisname and then Laurie KISSES HER. Damn. Then they get married on their way back home since it will take a looking time and I guess they couldn’t wait, but in that time, Jo decides that she should’ve said yes to Laurie and regrets it and asks her mom if he’ll propose again but then Laurie is back and tells her that he’s married to Amy. Ooooooof. Oofula. Every type of oof out there is how I feel rn. Jo falls in love with someone else tho so it’s fine but I didn’t care enough 5o write that part down. And Meg got married somewhere in there but idc.

I know there are a lot of typos in this but I’m too lazy to fix them. I give this movie a 12/10. Ty.