Microsoft should have few 1st party games that only runs on Scarlett and XboxOne X by late 2022

Hi all, this is my first post. Might as well start something controversial.

So, the expected release date of Scarlett is 2020 Holiday season. The launch titles are all expected to run on family of XboxOne devices. That is a given.

But, to run on older devices, the game graphics will suffer. Sure you can do different visual settings for different devices, but, the game still design based on that limitations, and that can really affect the art directions.

XboxOne and XboxOne S are known for their limited sized esRAM, which makes higher resolution games difficult to develop. Some 1st party games that pushs the forefront of graphics should drop support on those two models. It makes development so much easier.

Of course this doesn’t mean all games from MS should do this. Halo for example is a cross-gen community and the game hasn’t been the best graphics for awhile, so, it makes sense to support esRAM devices for a little longer. And many games weren’t pushing graphics that hard to begin with. For games likes Forza Horizon and Gears should consider dropping the esRAM support. While FH uses forward+ rendering, which uses less RAM, it may still benifits dropping old hardwares.

It is not big request. Late 2022 means, it is about 2 years after launch of Scarlett on 2020. I am sure a lot of people are itching for some graphics that would totally blow their mind. Of course, if they can bring insane graphics to Scarlett while still supporting all three XboxOne, it is great too. But, I don’t just want some extra fps or resolution upgrades, I want real visually eye popping graphics. Graphics like Ryse both technically amazing and artistically brilliant. And of course, game sure the game is amazing to play.

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