RH: it’s pride month!!!!

Happy first day of pride month!!! I know a lot of people get annoyed with how a month is set aside for people who identify as part of the LGBTQ+ community but despite all the big brands acting weird af about it, it’s extremely important to have a time for us to be able to celebrate who we are with a “reason” which I know sounds dumb but idc. I’ve personally struggled a lot with homophobia over the internet and I really hope it becomes a safer place to get away from homophobic people irl, but even through the hate I’m so proud of any LGBTQ+ individuals who have kept being themselves through all of it. And yes this is a really cheesy thread but it’s really important to me so if u don’t like it you can leave uwu. Also just as a reminder even though most people can’t do this, there are so many good LGBTQ+ organizations and LGBTQ+ owned businesses you can support outside of pride month too which is especially important during the pandemic!! here are some pride flag birds bc they’re very cute :3 AND a very important note that even if you haven’t come out to anyone you’re still just as valid as anyone else and ily