RH: Tegan and Sara week

Hey y’all. yeah I said y’all because everyone here knows I am hella Texan and not at all sound like a valley girl (Dk ??). Anyway soooooo I’m calling this week tegan and Sara week because they have a lot of stuff releasing this week, so let’s start with their book

It came out a few days ago and it’s so cute so far. Growing up and doing, well, high school shit. accepting your identity, and typical high school shit like doing acid ( I would’ve never my fear of my Mexican parents wouldn’t let me but I’m sure heathens like stray did that shit when they were like, 8) and listening to smashing pumpkins and nirvana.

anyway yeah this is a thread. Maybe I’ll make one when their album comes out tomorrow which I CANNOT WAIT FOR!!!

baiiiii hf

thank u next