The Satirical Troll’s Top 5 Games of 2022

So comes another end of the year and thus with it, the obligatory top 5 games list. Honestly, because I don’t have a next gen console yet or a PC that is remotely powerful enough to run most of these games, I only have a handful of new games played this year meaning the pool to choose from is about as shallow as the average Twitter user’s world view. As always, I’ll only count games that came out in 2022, so no remakes, ports, re-releases or remasters will be included.  

5. Triangle Strategy-  

While I did think the game lacked a bit of depth to be a really great RPG, I am a sucker for any high fantasy that involves political turmoil ala Game of Thrones. The game is kind of a swerve honestly; much like 13 Sentinels, it’s more of a visual novel than a pure strategy game. Once I accepted it and shifted my attitude, I quite enjoyed the story, world building and characters. This especially made the choice system a very interesting addition, and it’s probably some of the best binary choice storytelling that I’ve experienced in games, and the gameplay was solid enough to keep me engaged. Square Enix has struck gold with the 2D HD engine as the game is stunningly gorgeous looking and I really hope that Square realizes the gem they have on their hands here, they could easily remake all of their classic JRPGs in this style and they’d sell like hot cakes.  

4. Elden Ring-  

Get your pitchforks out and declare that I have sinned in the eyes of your god for not putting Elden Ring as my game of the year, because I know there’s a subset of people out there that are thinking like this. Honestly, the Souls formula translates better to an open world than I would have thought. The inherent sense of discovery, constant need for finding better gear and hostility of the world really makes the Soulslike shine in a bigger world and dear god does Elden Ring have a massive open world. I really enjoyed the lore and environmental story telling in Elden Ring and some of the characters are the coolest that Fromsoft has ever made. The game is gorgeous from an aesthetic perspective and I really liked the build flexibility and how many crazy magic spells there were to do ridiculous things with. But what really made me love this game though is the sense of going in completely blind and discovering things about the game for the first time while it was still in its wild west days before there were guides online. That experience of talking with my friends and people online during the launch and figuring out from other people cool things that they found made me feel what it must have been like playin Zelda on NES for the first time. I’ve never had a shared experience like that in a single player game and that was really cool. That being said, I can’t put it any higher because of the repeated content and the fact the person whose job it was to balance the game was clearly just trying to look busy for the entirety of development.  

3. Prodeus-  

Not to be mixed up with the 2013 French indie Walking Simulator Proteus, Prodeus is an unashamed Doom clone, and it might be the best Doom Clone I’ve ever played. Its graphics are in the build engine 3D with 2D sprites style of old school Doom, but with a modern twist that makes the sprites ultra-detailed and animated, and I don’t even want to know how much time was spent making the game look as good as it does. But what really sets this game apart from other build engine style Doom clones is how phenomenal the level design is. This is one of the most well-designed old school shooters I’ve played as it is able to make the levels flow in a way that despite being labyrinthian throwbacks to the shooters of yesteryear, never makes them confusing or frustrating. I really loved the atmosphere and soundtrack in this game and it’s just a damn fun time to play an old school shooter like this, even if the last boss and level are an underwhelming conclusion.  

2. Neon White-  

Neon White is from a core gameplay perspective by far the most fun I’ve had with a game this year. The card system had me worried at first, but eventually I came to find that I loved it and the variety of cool ways you can use it. I’ve always loved doing time trial modes in games like Crash Bandicoot, and Neon White is literally this stretched out to an entire game. It was so satisfying figuring out the best course of action in each level and then practicing it until you get that perfect run, and sometimes that isn’t even the “optimal” way of doing it, but it’s cool that the game allows you to find your own way. Even if the story and characters made me cringe out of the stratosphere for the majority of my playtime, there are still some charming and fun character interactions sprinkled in there, especially if you do the optional side content that leads to some amazing challenge levels. Overall, Neon White is just a fun and addicting game that I found myself wanting to 100%.  

1 Signalis-  

My Game of the Year for this year was a tossup between this game and Neon White, but I think I was more compelled by Signalis’ story and characters. Signalis is a love letter to horror games of the old, but that’s not its only tribute to the past as it takes a lot of its aesthetics from anime such as Gundam and Evangelion. I just loved the Silent Hill 2-esque story, but it has nothing to do with reminding me of Silent Hill 2 that makes me love this game. It stands on its own as both a great story with its own twists and turns as well as a horror game that throws back to the mechanics and atmosphere of classic PS1 era survival horror. There’s not one particular aspect that makes me love Signalis more than the other, as the story, characters, atmosphere, music and gameplay all contribute to make a game that is more than the sum of its parts, and while it certainly wears its influences on its sleeve, there is no reason to dismiss it as being a cheap imitation of the games it takes inspiration from. The fact that this was not only a debut game from the developer Rose Engine, but also made by only 3 people is an insane testament to how much love and care went into this piece of art. Signalis is one of the best horror games I have ever played and is the best Survival Horror game to be released since Resident Evil 7.  

Honorable Mentions-  

God of War Ragnarök- I loved the story, character interactions and combat, plus the presentation was insane, but the game is too fucking long and the story pacing is pretty bad. 

Bayonetta 3- Fun game but DMC V is better also the ending is wack.  

Norco- Really charming point and click adventure game with great writing, characters and that Louisiana southern mysticism and noir vibe that I loved watching True Detective Season 1 for the first time.  Gameplay and puzzles were a bit weak though.