The Slithering Man Part 1

In a small town in the middle of nowhere, they tell a tale of the Slithering man. A body clad in shadows, a head like a snake that follows you around. In this town they tell the tale but for them it is not just a story, It is a cold hard truth. A warning for those that come to this town expecting a peaceful sleeping burg. But it waits. A reporter comes to this small town expecting to find out the truth of this urban legend. He laughs at the idea, the slithering man, how preposterous he sneers.

People will believe anything in these places. He thinks of the Mothman and the Flatwoods monster. Laughing at the stupidity of people. Judging the town. As he makes his way into town, the people look angry. They gather around him. He wonders if they know why he is here, judging by the mob he is sure. He thinks, these idiots don’t want it debunked, I guess being the first reporter trying to find out what it is, has them mad. He says to himself well if I lived in this backwoods nightmare I’d hate losing what makes it unique.

He parks his car and tries to talk to the mob before he gets his words out, an old tired defeated and broken looking man says to him, we both know why you are here, you don’t have to write the story. Say we’re crazy, say this town is filled with dumb rednecks that can’t tell a fish from a monster. It is better for you to just leave and say whatever makes the best story. Just please leave before it becomes night time. I am begging you. You may think this is a joke but we don’t care about our reputation, we don’t care how silly we look. Please for your own sake just leave.

The words change the mobs demeanor, they no longer look mad but defeated and scared. The reporter writes this all down. His curiousity grows. He asks them you must think poorly of me, what is this town hiding? The man looks annoyed. Boy we’re trying to help you, we are willing to destroy this towns reputation so you don’t…. The man stops abruptly. The reporter asks, so I don’t what? Is this a threat? It is not a threat but a warning. The Slithering man knows you are here and he is not pleased. That is all I will say. now please for the love of whatever deity you pray to, just leave. If you pray to no god then do it for you own well being. You may think this is a joke but it is very real.

The reporter writes all this in his notes with excitement that he cannot hide. Oh he knows you say the reporter asks with a brash arrogance. I see says the old man. That is the kind of man you are, I would admire you had the situation been different, instead all I can do is pray that you are spared. May God have mercy on your soul. We’ll show you around. The mob looks shocked, a pale disheveled woman asks why? Why would you show him around? The old man says, because all this has merely gotten him more excited, we cannot force him out and you know why. HE always prefer it be a choice. Sadly he made his the moment we chose to be a mob and try to scare him away. This is our sin.

The reporter writes this all down and is partially scared, could they be a cult? Our Sin? What could that mean. He wonders. The old man tells him the towns history but clearly leaves parts out. He tells him the hotel they have is hardly ever used and connected to the library. I trust you’ll get more from those books than from any of us. Now please stay in your room until 5am, do not leave the hotel, do not leave the library. No matter what you hear. No one will be entering in or out. See this town has a curfew, one we all abide by. Those who are out during the curfew for whatever reason except disasters are punished. This is not a joke. We take it quite seriously. The reporter writes this all down and has more questions. I guess I will be at the library the reporter thinks. He looks through his notes to find what the old man left out.

He sees the town records and is alarmed, the indigenous people warned them to not on this land because of The man who Slithers. Another part left out of the old mans story, it states that after it was founded people went missing. Because of what was reported to be a man in black with a snakes head. This has to be a joke the reporter thinks. You would think people would know if a town like this existed, these records must be fake. They must be trying to scare me so my story is influenced by this nonsense. Idiots, of course, the old man left parts out and made it obvious so I looked for this. They almost had me going he thinks. Of course this is nothing but a silly hoax. He seemed serious about the curfew but I expect it is to keep there ruse he laughs to himself. Fine I will play their game. When I debunk it. They’ll know I was smarter than them. I played by their rules and won. Seems this trip might end up being fun he sneers. I will get to the bottom of what is happening here. Because something is not right in this town, I can feel it.

To Be Continued