The Slithering Man part 3

Scared, confused angry, the last feelings the reporter thought he’d feel in this small town. He wonders and tries to find a rational explanation for the visions he saw, he is struggling to accept that it was real. They must have drugged me! He mutters to himself, but he knows he checked his food and drinks beforehand.There is no answer that he is confortable accepting. As he walks through the woods looking for the old woman he was supposed to meet, he feels like he is being followed. He sees what he can only describe as orbs, a small orb of fire, he refuses to accept they are real, In fear he attempts to run from them, but they are on his trail no matter how hard he tries.

The sound in the air fills his heart with dread. It is a loud slithering. He is terrified, he feels chills running down his spine. At first he continues to be afraid, but something inside him snaps, he chalks it up to his reporters instinct, You don’t run from a story he says to himself. His curiousity grows. In defiance he runs towards the orbs and follows them instead. He looks for any clue for what they might actually be, he finds no evidence and yet this does not deter him. He is sure this is the work of the villagers. It all must be some trick he almost fell for he wonders why he almost fell for it. He is sure this small town wants to keep its local legend, they want it to become a tourist trap.

he orbs and slithering stop as soon as he finds a hut, it is dilapidated and old looking, really broken down. There are broken down vintage cars around. They look like the Earth was trying to take them back. He is sure no human could be living there. He laughs and says, of course the orbs and slithering stop, as soon as I find this spooky old building, these villagers need to learn subtlety, but they are backwoods hicks he thinks aloud. He feels disappointed that this is what they think he will fall for, so he knocks on the huts door. He makes sure to not knock it too hard, he is scared it might collapse if he goes too hard. I bin expectin ya boy hehehehe, so he tells the old lady, I guess you want me to play along with you.

Her face is wrinkled and dry, like a cheap beef stick you can get at a concenvience store. almost mummy like. Her arms are long and he fingers look sharp and rat like. Her eyes look milky white, she is dressed in what can best be described as rags, she looks like her body is so decrepit that the rags are keeping her body in one piece.It is a miracle she can even walk. Ya Just gonna be starrin at me?How rude ya are! she says in a raspy voice. Play along? Ain’t no one talked to me in years boy. He wonders if he might have to cross examine her but the thought bothers him. He is sure she’s up to something. Great I have to talk to Nosferatus grandma he retorts. What is the point of talking to her he wonders, but he takes out his notebook and pen and he decides I am getting the truth from her no matter what.

To be continued…