Welcome testers – Please read

Sup people,

Welcome to the test week of our new site. This is the time to play with how making posts works. Play with everything, formatting, adding pics and videos etc. Everything here will be deleted at the end of the test week before everyone comes across so go nuts.

I’ll be overseeing DP and helping on the other channels where needed, Katie will look after the Korner, Turbo has Xbox Channel and DK looks after the Bat Cave. If any of you have any questions we’ve been playing a little bit so just ask us, might be easiest to ask all questions here that way we only have to keep checking 1 thread, and that way any of us can see rather than just in your area.

A few tips. When you’re posting a thread, please pick a category and it will go to to the right sub area. If you don’t it won’t go to the right section. You can post to multiple (like this) if you think a post might suit multiple sections. Also please don’t select the stick to top of blog option or it will get messy, this one can stay only pinned for now.

Adding YouTube you just copy link and it auto embeds. For pictures there is an add image icon you can upload or use a URL for something on the web. I just use the simple builder, Beaver probably has another way but I’ve been sticking to the 1 way.

We can also use this post for feedback. The design and layout is a work in progress but obviously we are working to a deadline so I’ll be making changes on the fly. All feedback is welcome 🙂

OK get out and play, try on both mobile and PC if you use both and ask anything here.